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Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation

Wealth creation is about enhancing the productivity of your current assets or utilising it to take advantage of on investment opportunity in order to create new wealth. Sound wealth creation strategy begins with having the suitable structure in place before any investment decision is made. As this may have some tax implication, in some cases we may also involve your tax accountant to ensure that you understand the advantages and risk of particular strategy.

Choosing how to allocate your investment depends on many factor such as your investment objectives, time frame, risk appetite, liquidity, and diversification requirement. Getting the right mix of assets is critical to your long term wealth creation success.

  • At wealth alliance we are authorise to provide advice on:
  • Term deposit and cash management/saving account
  • Debentures or bond issued by the government
  • Managed fund
  • Listed shares
  • Exchange traded fund
  • Exchange traded bond

Speak to us now to determine the most suitable wealth creation opportunities for you.

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