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The Planning Process

The Planning Process

Introductory Meeting
The purpose of Introductory Meeting is for us to understand your current financial situation, financial goals, and values. Once we understand this, we will identify any gaps, challenges and possible options. We will also outline where we can add value and what action you need to take. If you decide to proceed, we will discuss all fees and charges with you at this point.

This is where we present our recommendations which are documented in a Statement of Advice. We will have details discussion with you about the recommended financial strategies and financial product in simple to understand language as well as its risk and how the recommendations meet your stated goals and needs.

We will implement all the agreed recommendations. This may include superannuation rollover, commencing account based pension, completing insurance application, implementing recommended investment etc.

Ongoing review
We understand that your circumstances and financial goals will change overtime. Therefore regular review is important to make sure that the recommended strategies/financial product is still in line with your current circumstances and needs. This is also an opportunity to see how you are progressing toward your stated financial goals.

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