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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Wealth Alliance is a privately owned company that is a non-institutionally/bank aligned financial planning firm.
At Wealth Alliance, we believe that financial planning is more than product selling. It about developing strategies to help you manage your financial affairs and meet your stated financial goals. Financial planning should have long term view that aim to create, protect and maintain your wealth throughout your life.
We are passionate on what we do and to make positive difference in your life.
As your advisor, our approach is comprehensive and personalised.

  • We will sit down with you and develop understanding about your current financial situation, risk appetite and where do you want to be.
  • We will layout strategies and options available to you as well as its advantages and risks
  • We will develop easy to understand financial plan by minimising the use of unfamiliar term and jargons about financial products and strategies.
  • We will help you implement the agreed option and show you how your financial plan should be manage.

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